Remote Audio Data is Here!

Acast: For The Stories.
2 min readDec 11, 2018

Today, our friends at NPR announced that Remote Audio Data (RAD) is finally here. In their blog post they say “Collaborative minds and leaders from across the media industry have worked closely with NPR to develop and launch a new podcast analytics technology: Remote Audio Data (RAD), a method for sharing listening metrics from podcast applications straight back to publishers, with extreme care and respect for user privacy. NPR worked with a cross-section of nearly 30 companies to develop and test this new, parallel metric and we’re excited to announce its open source release and launch in NPR One.”

Acast was one of those companies. Our CPO and Co-Founder Johan Billgren said “Measurement has been one of the open challenges in the podcast industry for a long time,” said Acast’s Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer Johan Billgren. “As the medium continues to grow, universal metrics will be key to its success. At Acast, we believe in the power of audio and have embraced measurement and reporting since the beginning for our thousands of podcasters around the world. We are proud to support the introduction of Remote Audio Data (RAD) with NPR and believe this is a significant step for the industry.”

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