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2 min readOct 9, 2018


New York, NY October 9, 2018 — Beginning today, Acast, the world’s leading audio and podcast technology company, is now working with Spotify to create a new distribution channel for the 2,500+ podcasts hosted with Acast from around the world. Those podcasts include international hits like My Dad Wrote a Porno and Watch What Crappens, as well as beloved Swedish shows like Alice & Bianca and Australian favorite The Osher Gunsberg Podcast. Acast podcasters will now be able to distribute their shows to Spotify’s 180 million listeners at the click of a button within Acast’s Create podcast management system. Podcasters will automatically submit their show while maintaining the ability to monetize on all tiers of the Spotify ecosystem through Acast’s proprietary dynamic ad insertion technology.

Acast and Spotify collaborated together to ensure that in addition to bringing the Acast podcasts into the Spotify ecosystem, podcasters will now also get to see crucial data and listening behaviour from the platform within Acast’s Create dashboard alongside similar data from the Acast app and other leading podcatchers.

Acast’s Global Head of Content Susie Warhurst said: At Acast, we welcome all new ways of listening to podcasts. We want our shows to be heard as widely and by as many people as possible. This partnership with Spotify will help to do that and push podcasting even more mainstream. We are so excited to be working with a fellow Swedish technology company like Spotify to offer this new distribution channel to our podcasters and welcome a new wave of listeners to our shows.”


About Acast: Acast is a data-driven company inventing the next generation of voice technology. Since 2014, Acast has been the engine powering audio for makers all over the world. At its core, Acast connects audio makers with the financial support they need to create amazing content while also delivering the audience they want. As a global business, Acast has offices around the world from Stockholm to Sydney and a team of 100 talented audio lovers working diligently to create a sustainable audio and voice ecosystem to ensure that the audio industry continues to grow and flourish. Acast was founded by Karl Rosander and Mans Ulvestam together with co-founder Johan Billgren.

About Spotify: Spotify transformed music listening forever when we launched in 2008.

Our mission is to unlock the potential of human creativity by giving a million creative artists the opportunity to live off their art and billions of fans the opportunity to enjoy and be inspired by these creators. Everything we do is driven by our love for music.

Discover, manage, and share over 40 million tracks for free, or upgrade to Spotify Premium to access exclusive features including offline mode, improved sound quality, Spotify Connect and ad-free listening.

Today, we are the world’s largest music streaming subscription service with a community of over 180 million users, including over 83 million Spotify Premium subscribers, across 65 markets.

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